FREE Money for Newbies! Minnows Unite!! Free SBD just for upvoting, resteeming, following!

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*Hello fellow Steemians!*

I got your attention! But wait! I really am going to send you $0.100 SBD to your account! Read on to find out how and why:

Most of you reading this are fairly new to this platform. Well, so am I! I created my account not long ago, right after I heard a podcast where one of the guest speakers was talking about steem, the cryptocurrency. He was saying that he felt like this was the currency of the future. Creating a social network that functions with the same freedoms that cryptocurrencies have has universal appeal. has an actual use and fills a need. Most cryptocurrencies don’t have any real tangible use that is driving their values. 

NO ADVERTISEMENTS!!! What?!?! Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. I’ll explain how and why there are no advertisements in an upcoming post. I’ll also explain where the money floating around comes from in case you don’t already know. 

I will be making a lot more posts that are specifically targeted to help brand new users to get up and running in their first few weeks.  There are a lot of questions new users have and the search feature is somewhat lacking. I have had to stumble along and slowly figure most of these things out the hard way.  But I’m going to share my knowledge!

In the meantime, I want to support you and give you your first piece of the pie! I was gifted 0.001 SBD on my first day and I was excited to receive it. Now, I’ve received my first payout from my introduction post and I want to pay you 100x more than what I was gifted. 

Here’s how: 

Follow me, UpVote, AND Resteem this post so others will see it. Post a reply simply saying “Done, Done and Done”. I will verify that you did all three things, and I will send you 0.100 SBD. On top of sending you FREE money, I will follow you back!! This will go on until I run out of SBD

There may be hundreds or thousands that I will be responding to so please be patient with me. I’ll send it immediately if I can, but I have a full time job and sleep a little too!

If this is successful, I will do it again and increase the amount I give away each time!

Much thanks to @reisolutions and @oaldamster for creating the CCL images in this post!!

Alright! That’s it! Follow, Upvote, Resteem, Reply get PAID!!! 

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!! 7 Days only!




Oh boy, well hopefully you were able to help out a handful of lucky indivdiuals ;) good way to market!

I hope so :) #minnowsunite

I gave you a nice juicy upvote to help you with your cause! :)

Thank you @alexpmorris, not the first time you help me here :) Will be distributed properly

Done, Done and Done

Sent and followed

Thank you
Wiedy :)

Thanks for keeping this in front of folk. With the turnover of content and growing membership, regular reminders are a good thing.


Sent :)

Thanks 😊

Nice concept! Good luck with it and it seems you will gain a whole bunch of Steem Power from it as well. Nice construction and have fun with future posts!

Thank you @rymlen! I will think of something to get more power to minnows that really seek to make steemit a better place :) #minnowsunite!

Done done and Done.
Send FBD @jonipilo

Hey Ryan here!! Total Newbie 😃 Here!! I kinda did same thing ...I'm an investor and got a tip to buy STEEM @ .25 so I did ! Then it went up up up! So I started to more research The things that I found were just amazing. Kind of like Facebook/YouTube on steroids. So I decided to join the community and power up !!! It's been fun for me !!
And I look forward to following your posts!🤙

welcome on board! sent :)

Done, done and done

And done :)

Done, Done and Done, Happy 4th of July from a disabled iraq veteran who's has no steem :-)

all the best for you @rogerwilson!

Done, Done, Done

hi janreyqm1 we cant find you in the list :(

Now yes :) Sent!!

Okie thnks :)

Done, Done and Done

Followed and sent :)

Done too! Best wishes!

that's a great way to help the community and gain followers at the same time

Now I can do it, couple months ago I couldnt :( makes me happy!!!

thanks for helping the newbies.

who wasn't a newbie?

great initiative.

Good initiative, more success.

Dont forget to check out my post for a linck to collect free crypto..a once in a life time opportunity

Thank you! Will do!!!

Very good method for newbies, thanks

Done, Done and Done , have fun steeming :)

Done , Done and Done ! Upvoted !

Thank you Anna! Please check if the follow went through correctly :) Sending the SBD now

I will check right away ! Thank you for the SBD !

I really like posts like this because as a beginner myself i think we need some incentive and encouragement.

Thank you @behemoth18 :) Hope we all grow together

Yep i hope that too + i'm not going anywhere anytime soon so eventualy i think we'll all grow we just have to be active and patient :) Oh and Done, Done and Done of'course :D

done it all :)

Sent & Followed :)

hi there , job done done done and redone thank a lot for this lesson or marketing
best regard @loooping

Done, Done, Done! Hi @jonipilo.It's only two days here on the steemed, and, I've already caught my ears (Romanian proverb) in the stench, I'm trying to figure out how it works. I have three posts so far. One in Romanian and two in English, but it seems that no one reads them, and I do not know how to make them visible. Is there a procedure to make my posts visible?

Hi @miriador, please join us in our Q&A post (in my feed) or in FB at STEEMIT Q&A. Yes, there are ways of making a post more visible, come join us and post it publicly please :) SBD Sent

Done, Done and done!

Thank you!

Done, Done and Done. looking forward to better days on steemit

hi @arcjen, we cannot find you in the list, please double check the 3 Done's :)

Done, Done and Done.

Thank you! Sent!

math we cant find you in the list!! Please recheck the done's

now yes :)

Great idea ..thank you! Done, done, done!

Sent! Thanks to you too

Done, Done and Done”.

Thank you! Sent

Done, Done and Done. Keep up the good work! ;)

Done! Great idea! Also i follow anyone who follows me back so feel free to follow too guys! :)

thats the attitude!!!! Thank you George!

Done, Done and done. Thanks alot !!!

It would be a VERY nice idea to share follows here too, if you are a new steemer, please also follow other steemers commenting in this post :) That would make the system even stronger

Thank you! I needed ;)

Done Done Done please follow me back so we will help eachother thank you

Done, done and done!!!

on its way!

thnx alot!!!

Done x3

Great support for growing the base. Keep it up!

Thank you!!! Sent :) (profile pic!!!!)

Done, Done and Done

Ha ha. I wan wondering if a community would start up the just up votes one another all the time.

remember the follow!

DDD, Great way to gain followers! Effective!


merci je voudrais que tu me upvote ou me follow et est ce que tu peux me donner des conseils pour mieux debuter sur steemit. Merci

Hi @zeryius we cannot find you in the list :( can you double check the 3?

J'ai fais les 3 éléments demander je vous rassure vous avez ma parole

We cannot find you as follower :(

D'accord je vérifie Merci pour la precision

Now better :) Sent

En donnant 2.000 SDB à @randowhale te donne quelle avantage parce que j'ai vu que ta donner 2 SDB à @randowhale et la chinoise qui est tendance elle aussi elle a donné j'ai vu grace aux historiques du portefeuille. Merci

keep it great ,respect :)

Very good project ^^!!

(don't send me any money, save it for the new users^^)

Done, Done, and done :) Thanks for this opportunity

you are welcome :)

This is great initiative. Thanks.

Lovely :) Sent!

Done, Done Done

Also done :)

Done, Done and Done

appreciate you giving support to use newbies on here, 2 days in and loving it so far

thank you, sent!

Thanks so kind of you

Done, Done & Done 😀 good to meet you!!

Done, Done, Done & Welcome :-)

sent! Get a nice profile pic :P

Done, done and done 😃

done too :)

thank you so much 😃

;) Try to do the same one day!

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I'm done :)

It is a great way to encourage the new comers but is it really free money? The SBD is in exchange for upvotes, comments and reblogs! Right? So it is not free actually.

sent and followed

Hi Joy, cant find you :( Did the 3 checks?

yes. Please check it out

now yes!!! Sent

“Done, Done and Done”

followed and sent

Thank you @jonipilo ... Still trying to figure this out... so sorry for the late reply... wasn't aware of the transfer and follow.... a lot more to learn here... :D

Done, done, and done!
Btw beautiful avatar

Thank you :) Sent and followed

Sadly as slow as I'm moving on this I do believe I'm DONE, Done and whaaaa....Done! ;)

Followed and on its way! Remember to get a nice profile pic :)

Done, Done, and Done

Done, done, done! Darn cute, too:D

Great post , im looking forward to see how its going to do, :D Done, Done and Done