What's next for Cristiano Ronald?

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According to Sky sport source, Ronaldo has told Real Madrid he wants to leave Spain. It is believed that Ronald is not happy with the Spanish government, especially the tax authorities on accusing his avoiding over 14m tax. He was always booed by his home fans for this. Do you guys think Ronald would actually leave the club or is he trying to pressure the Spanish government? If he is leaving, where would be his next destination? Premier League? China? image

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Thank you for update, i am a ronaldo fans and i will be very upset to see him leaving. But in case he really leave, if he is not going for money (i.e. Us mls or china), then he will join the best club in top 4 teams, making man utd might be a possible destination as well.

Maybe some rich middle-eastern club

What a Player!!! I just wish they could resolve the issue. He still has a lot to offer in Real Madrid.

Back to Man UTD :)

If CR7 leaves Real this summer, I think The Premier League is the most likely destination. He is too much of a commercial superstar to go to China since he is going to be loosing a lot of image rights contracts that he will be getting if he is competing in a top league.

And the MLS might pose the same problem. CR7 is a superstar and he should be competing in a top league as he is still one of the best two players around.

If he is adamant about leaving Spain, The Premier League is the best choice for him and Germany or Italy come afterwards, but surely not as likely. So Manchester United is surely a huge possibility, but let's not discount other big English clubs or the likes of Juve and Bayern.

I personally would love to see him play somewhere else, just to see him adapt to new teammates and systems. And I'd also like to see Real do it without him. With Isco, Bale, Morata and a probable incoming future superstar like M'bape, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. I would like to see Benzema move on as well, preferably to The Premier League. If Morata stays I want him to play or move on to a club where he would be getting the first team football he deserves.

Come back to Man Utd!