Tips for all tenants

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I have been working for a property management company for quite awhile, and here are some tips to save you some troubles

  1. Make sure you know everything in the contract, ask if you don't understand. Having this done will save you a lot of trouble, might even save you some money!
  2. If your contract stated "No Pets", don't risk it as you might get kicked out if the landlord finds out. Landlords usually are quite strict about this.
  3. Always communicate with your landlord through email. Just in case you and your landlord got into some kind of dispute, you can still pull out some evidence from your email.
  4. Be nice to the building manager (or some might call them caretaker), it's because they are usually the ones who talk to the landlord directly and the landlord values their opinion a lot. So if you plan on renting the house for a longer period of time, make sure you be nice to them.
    Good luck to all tenants! image
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Many thanks for the tip and agree it completely. i am a landlord and tenants at the same time. In general contract would provide protection for landlord as much as possible so tenants need to make sure to understand contract inside out.

All the tips are great. The ones that stuck out for me is the email communication if there is dispute and being nice to the care taker. It makes total sense thanks again.

As an owner of a property management company, i would say always always communicate with the manager/landlord. You can usally work though anything as long as your talking.

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