My childhood memory - Gersang

in chainbb-general •  2 years ago

Not sure if any of you have played Gersang before, its a game originated in Korea, and later spread across Asia. It was really fun to play at its own way. It is very different from the games we now have in the market. So basically it's a game where you need win your way to earn money, and then build up you own team. And use that team and challenge monsters and other players. Gersang mean a great merchant, which implies that to succeed in this game, you will need to be a Gersang. Try it out guys! image

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Love the art, what is that from in relation to the game?


They are the main characters and you can choose one of them to start the game. They represent different countries though, each one of them come from either Taiwan, China, Japan or Korea. Each country has its own warriors and soldiers, different soldier has different function and you can even trade soldiers with other player

This could be an interesting game really !!
Thanks for sharing @gaybeeoh

I was addicted to this game when I was young.
Really fun to play .