Mazda 3 2017 review

in chainbb-general •  last year

Hi guys, just want to share my experience with mazda 3 2017. I have started driving it this February and honestly I feel pretty good about it. It has decent horse power and steady steering power, very easy and important for new drivers I would say. Also, it has a decent tech-pack included if you are getting the regular level, like blind-spot detection and back-up camera. Its exterior design is also amazingly slim cut, and I loved it a lot. Last but not least, its price. Its price is around $18000-$22000 usd depends on add-ons. But I would say it is very value-for-money!

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Congrats!! In Mazda , I like RX-7. but it is diffcult to buy it. I have found Rx-7 new car but which is hard to buy it.

What engine is in yours?

It's a great car! Followed u