Hong Kong education system vs Canadian education system

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I would like to share some of the thoughts on the differences between the education system in Hong Kong and education system in Canada.

Hong Kong:

  1. Institutions promote competition consistently
  2. Believe that outstanding academic result is the most directly way to success
  3. The whole system including institutions, teachers, students, parents are under huge stress. Mostly because of the competitive nature within the system
  4. Not encouraging student to absorb and understanding the material, but memorize them


  1. Institutions are relatively lenient and promote personal-development
  2. Encourage students to try a variety of subjects
  3. The whole system are more encouraging and less stressed.
  4. Usually allow students to explore the material themselves.

After all, I would say that students grew up under Hong Kong education system can adapt to the cruel working environment easier, and more competitive as a person. Whereas students grew up under Canadian education system would be more sensitive emotionally and more likely to develop intimacy with peers, but they might experience hardship when they start working with people that are competitive and mean. image

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very good content, well done :)

Hi from HK, wish HK get a better education beside exam oriented T-T

I guess same thing is happening for the western countries nowaday because many asian parents take their son over there and basically just want their son to study hard and that causes the westerners also need to play this exam game.