Can't deposit STEEM to poloniex

in chainbb-general •  2 years ago

Hey guys, I am having trouble depositing STEEM to my poloniex account. I deposited once last week, and it suddenly disabled me from deposit STEEM again. Anyone knows is it my problem or is it between poloniex and Steemit. I heard rumors telling people to not deposit their STEEM to poloniex, is there something wrong with it. Also, what other exchange platform do you guys recommend that accepts STEEM? Thanks guys. image

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Some people said maybe after the HF19, so poloniex cut the service for steem and SBD.


Sorry I can't vote right now because i got only 75% voting power but I really like your comment thanks for the info

Does it allow you to trade the steem you deposited? If it's urgent Bittrex was working after HF19. Not sure what the deal with polo is... i heard they disabled litecoin for a while as well.

Me too, I sent a support ticket and no response since then


i guess it may take a while, but someone do get their transfer lock up in between..

Hey! Brother. I've got the same broblem too. Although it's not much money but it's a serious problem. I get used to use poloniex to trade the coins. It makes so troublesome. I've captured the photos and sent to the Facebook of Steemit. Wish someone will solve it.