HK Food: Char Siew Scrambled Egg Rice!

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@Lok Heung Yuen Coffee Shop

Char Siew Scrambled Egg Rice!
The scrambled egg is served with char siew within 1 minute upon freshly cooked. You can feel the warmth and the semi-solid texture of eggs and the yum of char siew lying amidst them.
Almost every customer is having the dishes of scrambled eggs!!


But how much is this? :O

It's only HKD$40!!


Lunch choice is a daily concern especially when you are working in Central. A lunch set that you normally pay for $30 would cost you nearly double as its Central, the central business district of Hong Kong. This restaurant is one of my favourite!

And also favourite of many Central workers~~


Let's try when you are around and share with your friends working nearby~ :)


Oh my God! HKD$ 40! It mean only $5 USD and I can have a meal like this! It sound very cheap and good! I like that! But what is that black thing on the dish? It look like not very nice. Is the taste of it good> As I can see many people are waiting, can you finish the meal in lunch time there?

Hi there Linus~ Its unbelievably priced! I mean with such quality and at Central~ The scrambled eggs are cooked to be juicy yet well and served in much amount, they can cover the whole rice and I really like it.

The black things on the dish, do you mean those on scrambled eggs? They are probably some overcooked shallots.

And customers are flowing fast as they are serving fast! What's more is that the restaurant has actually two floors, which means there are quite numerous seats. The average waiting time is around 5-10 minutes, but do concern about the distance from your office for better time management!

It's really not expensive for a restaurant located in Central. I work in Wan Chai and many restaurants start with HKD $50. Good recommendation, I will take a look if I go to Central. Look forward to reading more of your future posts. :)

Some high-CP lunch choices in the CBD!

It is too expensive.

Wow have to queue up for it? Must be great!

Those chives, oops

I must go there!

Yes, you may pay a visit there, it is located at Gilman's Bazaar, Central. Hope you enjoy it~ Recommend to your friends if you love it! :D

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