Possible navigation bug?

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a limitation or what but here is something I just noticed. Well two things actually. First when clicking next at the bottom of the page on the list of topics (and the forum has a sub forum) it doesn't actually jump you back to the top of the list when it refreshes to the next page. It stays at the bottom and you have to scroll up manually. But if you go into the sub forum (or a forum without any sub forums) it properly jumps you to the top of the new page.

Example: If I goto the "General Discussion" forum and scroll to the bottom and click next I stay at the bottom of the page and have to scroll up. But if I then go into the "Blogs" sub forum and scroll to the bottom and click next I am reset to the top of the page where I should be. Alternatively if I goto "EOS" forum (Or any without a sub forum) and click next at the bottom of the page I am reset to the top like I should be.

This example actually brings me to the second thing I noticed about this. The sub forum inherits the last page I was on in the parent forum visually speaking but it doesn't actually show the content for that page. It shows the content as if I was on the first page of the sub forum.

Example: Again I goto "General Discussion" and click next to page two. It highlights the number two and refreshes the content. I then scroll up and click on sub forum "Blogs". The number two is still highlighted indicating I am on the second page of "Blogs" but if you click back to page one you see you are actually already viewing page one. If you were to click next to page three you would correctly be shown page threes content having never actually seen page two.

I am using a Chromebook with Chrome Version 59.0.3071.91

Forgive me if this has been discussed or is a known issue it just caught my eye while navigating.

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Nope, sounds like a new bug to me. I don't know that I tested pagination all that thoroughly. Thanks for bringing it up - I'll give this a look over the next couple days and see if I can get that improved.

I've been noticing this same issue. Thanks for posting about this.