Chain Group Review. Lending Sham or Legit Earnings?

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Have you been trying to find the right "Chain Group Review" to help you make a decision on this bitcoin lending company?

Great news my friend!

In this quick and detailed blog post we are going to be go over some important Chain Group facts that you must know before deciding to join. Certain information may surprise, even SHOCK you to find out about this golden ticket.

Let's be clear, I am not a Chain Group affiliate trying to get you to invest in the company. I am honestly someone just like you who looks for quality home businesses and passive income streams.

So my perspective in this post and all my reviews, is that I want to try to find real indicators that prove this Chain Group company to be a real and trustworthy opportunity.

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Because these lending platforms are great if they last for years and let you withdraw.

I was part of 2 lending platforms that were paying me more Bitcoin than I could possibly know what to do with. But like most people, I kept reinvesting my earnings to see more and more compound interest.

Then one company I trusted had left the USA and the other got a lawsuit.

So after losing thousands of dollars in lending, I got a bad taste in my mouth about sending my hard earned money to a third world country, so shady people can trade or mine for me.

At least they are supposed to be, right?

But they never have honest reporting or any reporting at all.

So I write this in hopes of finding a legit and honest lending platform because I want to earn Bitcoin like I was... but it seems times may be different now.

Will this lending platform be a winner or a loser?

What do you think, let me know in the comments below...

We will be chatting about the following topics...

What is Chain Group ?
How does Chain Group work?
Does Chain Group Have Products?
What makes Chain Group unique?
Can you withdraw from Chain Group ?
Is Chain Group a scam?
Can you trust Chain Group with your money?
All this and more will be covered right here, right now...

Full Chain Group Review

What is Chain Group? This is a recently created company that claims to be able to provide profitable daily returns for a certain time period to people upon a certain investment.

These are very popular business models in 2018 and many people are seeing big earnings while others are suffering from money vanishing in thin air.

What is the difference between a successful and banned lending platform?


All these programs are probably going to be determined illegal eventually. Or people will be so scared of them going down, a new opportunity will rise and take its place.

So a successful bitcoin lending platform investment strategy would be to find the one will last the longest. LOL

Seems smart, right?

How Does Chain Group Work?

The way that people are able to earn in the Chain Group opportunity is by creating an account and joining what they call trade groups.

This company claims to be able to pay out 0.2% daily earnings over 500 days.

That's great, right?

Lets keep reading...

Chain Group Minimum Investment

The smallest amount of capital that you may start with is $10. You my invest as much as $1,000,000. Yes, that's one million.

How does Chain Group Guarantee profits and able to payout?

Here is what the company has to say about this question:

"Improvement of the technical complex of the service

Creating professional multimedia materials”

Advertising the platform on AdWords and other platforms

Advertising the service offline

Conducting market research to further the advertising campaign"

In all this nonsense... let me paint a clear picture for you...

This company has no product and focuses on generating new member signups rather than investing, trading, mining ect.

Because people are only getting paid due to the profits made from new members investing... it means that this Chin Group fits the exact definition of a ponzi scheme.

Many people do not know what a real ponzi is... but they label everything as one because they don't want to risk anything.

A real ponzi is when there is no product, and the existing members get paid only from the profits of new members joining.

Which means that at a certain point the membership count will be so big and so many people will have heard about it already... that the company starts to reach its cap because it needs more and more new members. To feed the existing one, right?

This is a true ponzi and when the company loses attrition, you find a 404 error.

Is Chain Group a Ponzi or Scam?

It sure looks like it to me. Can you come up with a different conclusion? The only real winners in these programs are the ones who own the company.

Can you withdraw from Chain Group?

No. At some point and or currently, Chain Group is not allowing it's members to withdraw their earnings.

This is the biggest red flag about this bitcoin lending opportunity.

Can you trust Chain Group with your money?

What do you think?

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Thank you for reading this Chain Group Review my friend.

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