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(e) State the nature of a nerve and a synapse.
Explain how vegetative propagation takes place in strawberry and potato.
(f) Clarify what you understand of diploid and haploid condition in cell division.
State what factors cause main effects on pollution of inland water.

  1. Answer ANY FOUR questions. (16 marks)
    (a) Differentiate endospermic and non-endospermic seeds.
    (b) Name the parts of the intestine and state the nature of the part increases the absorptive surface of the
    intestine as found in the rabbit.
    (c) State how the process of photosynthesis takes place in green plants.
    Explain the process of alcohol fermentation supports by a relevant equation.
    (d) List the benefits of transpiration and explain the one that is associates with the transpiration streams.
    State the role of ethylene as found in plants.
    (e) State the nature of the umbilical cord associated with the human’s embryo.
    Tabulate to show how mitosis differs from meiosis.
    With example explain what you understand parasitism.
  2. Answer ANY FOUR questions. (32 marks)
           Provide labels and caption to the given diagram and mentioning what occur after fertilization. (Do not 
   copy the diagram in your answer book. Write the label against the number indicated in the lines pointing 
   toware parts of the rabbit’s  brain and state prominent features of the well -developed part and parts 
   concealed by this part in the dorsal views of brain.

(c) Give a word diagram to show the general pattern of animal nutrition and state the process of digestion and
and chewing .
(d) Explain the experiment to show how the energy is released during respiration aided by relevant diagram.

    Providing labels and caption to the given diagram, state the function of the lymph system. . (Do not 
   copy  the diagram in your answer book. Write the label against the number indicated in the lines pointing 
   towards respective areas of the diagram in your answer book. You are also to write the caption and the
   requirements of the question in your answer book.)

(e) State the function of endocrine glands and hormones as found in mammals and tabulate the hormone
secreted from the thyroid gland as given in text .
State the process of birth as found in human and what occur after birth.
(f) State the role of the nucleus of cell including about its DNA and RNA associated with heredity.
List the type of symbiotic relationships and explain the type where any one species benefits while the other
is neither benefited nor harmed.

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