Road of Rich (RORS steem-engine token) swap to HOO exchange

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RORS can be swapped to ROR in HOO wallet

Hooray, should I say on 08.01.2021 was in Discord an announcement by Blokfield - Nia about swapping Road of Rich to exchange.

STEEM-ENGINE-based RORS tokens will be swapped to EOS-based ROR tokens.
ROR tokens can be traded on the Hoo Exchange, and the swap period is between January and February.
About 10,000 STEEM in will all be used for ROR token holders, and we will use a certain% of Blokfield.INC company revenue each month for ROR token holders.
It starts in January and is expected to add around $500 this month.
We plan to burn ROR tokens after purchase, but if you have any good comments, please feel free to tell us.

On 11.01.2021 (yesterday) there were another statement:

We will share information related to RORS token swap.
RORS tokens can only be swapped with Hoo exchange wallet Therefore, it is necessary to sign up for Hoo Exchange, and if you have not signed up, please do so.
The swap rate is swapped by adding 10% to the rate held by RORS token holders.
About 6.63% of RORS tokens are in circulation, and tokens will be awarded at a rate of 7.29% of total ROR tokens through 10% compensation at the time of swap.
In other words, the swap ratio is 1RORS = 0.11ROR.
There are a total of 1 billion RORS tokens and a total of 100 million ROR tokens.
The number of holdings decreases, but the total holdings ratio increases.
Details related to token swap will be announced once more through a separate notice.
Thank you.

And finally today is the last one:

The RORS token swap will start from today.
RORS token swap is swapped with 1RORS = 0.11 ROR token, and an additional 10% reward is given during the swap process.
Swap method

  1. Unstake RORS tokens on STEEM-ENGINE site
  2. Send RORS token to @invenfund account
    When sending to @invenfund, you Must enter the Hoo Exchange ROR token wallet 'Memo(Notes)'.
  • ROR tokens in decimal units are not transmitted.
  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have during the swap process.
  • It may take about 1 day to process after applying for a swap because it takes some time to process.
    Thank you.

So if you invest on the fine looking game, Road of rich, which wasn't eventually finished and have that RORS token here is a graphic tutorial to swap all your RORS (steem engine token) to ROR token on HOO exchange.

  1. Unstake all your RORS on steem engine.
  2. Do your own account on exchange

  1. Go to your account to deposit addresses [1] next write ROR to find ROR token address [2] then copy your memo (deposit address is always the same)!

  1. Go to your steem-engine account and send your RORS to - write that what is in the picture below with MEMO from 3rd part of tutorial.

Now you can wait hours or a day for the swap.

..and after all the hustle I'll be 4 USD richer ;-).

Good luck in swapping your fortune!


RORS tokeny ze steem engine mohou být swapnuty na ROR token na HOO směnárně

Po opravdu hodně dlouhé době se konečně povedlo dostat z projektu Road of Rich nějaké informace o RORS tokenech, které byly její součástí.

Ode dneška je možné tokeny RORS swapnout na ROR tokeny na korejské směnárně Potřebujete jen účet na HOO a taky unstaknutí RORS tokenů na steem enginu. Postup je patrný z výše zmíněných obrázků.

Zdar, a hodně štěstí.

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