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This article is originally written in Czech. Then I used Google Translater. I then removed some weak points in the translation. But I'm afraid a lot of weirdness still remains in it.

On some occasions, @sk1920 mentioned that he wanted to see photos of Prague's most famous tunnel. And which one is it? There are hundreds of tunnels in Prague. So it is said that Žižkovský ...

Well, we have the first problem. In Prague, a building has an official name and, as a result, it is somehow called a people. Which tunnel is actually Žižkov´s tunnel? So I'll stick to the assignment. I will present the official Žižkov´s tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists. And I'm not just going to show a photo, I'm going to write a whole article ... But I'm almost sure this tunnel @sk1920 didn't mean it.

So first photos as evidence. This is really the Žižkov tunnel:
From both sides:

The tunnel is 303 meters long and built into a bend. Elevation 28.89 m with an average climb of 8.1%
It was built in 1951. First it was ceremoniously opened on April 21, 1951. The plan was not only fulfilled but also exceeded. Some commitment on May 1st ... And then it was closed and finished again by December. Whoever lived in the socialist bloc in the period of real socialism understands. Who did not live then he will not understand. And that's good.

Of course. In 1951, the "Cold War" raged. The whole tunnel was a large anti-aircraft cover. As evidenced by some details.
Heavy, lead gates were supposed to fit into these notches ...

From the tunnel, one entered the other two objects connected with the war.
Behind this door is a corridor, behind it another, firmer door. And behind them an anti-nuclear shelter for 1,200 chosen ones. Three-meter reinforced concrete walls, 50 meters of granite above the ceiling. Over a mile of corridors with complete equipment for weeks, maybe months. Generator, ventilation, air purifier ...
But not everyone was lucky enough to get there. Behind this door is a morgue for radioactive casualties.

The bunker is still operational. The morgue is transformed into a scientific facility of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. A particle accelerator is installed here. Smaller and less efficient than in the Swiss CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

A car tunnel was to be built next to it. But the project was not implemented. Perhaps it started ... At the same time, the Letna tunnel was being built. The similarity of the inner shell is not accidental ... And that's all I can write about this tunnel.

I think @ sk1920 but he meant another tunnel. Under the tunnel described today, at a depth of 6 meters, three other tunnels run vertically. Two railway and one former railway. The former railway is also called Žižkovský tune, although the official name is the Old Vítkov Tunnel. It was built between 1870 and 1872. And today it has a bike path and a pedestrian path. We'll look into it next time.

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