CES2018 Recap VLOG: What does industry think of Cryptocurrency? What is 2018's outlook for mining?

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BBT Carter is back and is going to cover a recap of CES2018, what were the major points of CES related to cryptocurrencies and what was the overall tone from the keynotes and on the floor. This will be a agenda based livestream, covering a range of notes captured from each event along with the key points of the days. Additionally, links to the content referenced are all below:

Living in Digital Times (media welcome) -
nVidia Keynote - https://www.ustream.tv/NVIDIA
Intel Keynote - https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/events/ces/keynote.html
Sophia AI ICO and AI in Cryptocurrency - https://www.facebook.com/digitalmoneyforum/videos/1994883170780291/
Regulatory Landscape in Cryptocurrency -
Blockchain Technology Discussion -
Cryptocurrency and 2018 innovation in ICOs (VR Marketplaces, eSports) -
Frictionless Transactions, next level of autonomous transactions (25:00 - 42:50 is great) -

Adventures on the floor (periscope):

Additional coverage:

nVidia Booth Experience - Discussion with Bae

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