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During the trip, I visited the country's most famous bookstores and second-hand bookstores.


In particular, the opera house was renovated to create a bookstore.

The El Ateneo bookstore had high expectations before going.


If expectations are high, there are a lot of disappointments.

This bookstore was more impressive than expected.


I don't know because I didn't ask for sales,

I wondered how mighty the impressions would be on people's hearts.


Even if you open one page of a book,

At the moment of opening and touching the book

You have no choice but to open and buy a book in a spacious courtyard.

A place to make you feel!

It's not just a picture, but a place to leave in your heart!

I don't know how the opera theater turned into a bookstore,

I want to create a space that impresses my heart.

A space where you can open your book and be happy ... El Ateneo


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