Are you in Zombie Mode? How to recognize it

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Today I want to talk to you about something very particular that you probably did not know. Many people (and in fact, the vast majority) live in what I call "Zombie Mode," which means nothing more than an unconscious life.

That is, they spend their days acting without even knowing why they do what they do, or why they just do not do something different.

They make decisions based on the models to follow of others (or paradigms), and do not take care of establishing their own models of behavior, which can finally lead them to the success they desire.

But, the most interesting of all this, is that those people who live in "Zombie Mode" do not realize or recognize their status.

Therefore, today I want you to answer the following questions internally, which are at the same time the indicators that will tell you if you are living in "Zombie Mode":

When was the last time you said NO to your friends or family?
Do you watch television every day? Why?
Have you considered changing soap or a product that you use frequently?
How many goals do you have in writing?
If someone asked you: "What do you want to be?" What would you answer?
How many remarkable successes have you achieved this year? Could you answer without thinking more than 10 seconds?
Do you have any project on hold? ... If so, what's stopping you? And if not, why do not you plan projects?
Do you want to get a job? Why?
Of course, leaving this "Zombie Mode" is not easy, but believe me it's worth starting to do it. At the end of the road, you will simply be a really successful person and a lot happier.

How to start the road to change? With small changes Thinking a little about why you are going to do little things like talking to your parents, if it is because you want it, or because something pressures you to do it.

Thus, you will get your daily activities, little by little, the ones that you really want to do consciously.

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