Powers of Nature

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Hello dear Steemit.
Among the things I like to do, is to write about nature, I feel that it has great power, great energy and magnificent magic that we all do not know.


When we are in a green, natural space, in the field where we can appreciate the sounds of nature, we are happy, right? Particularly it happens to me when in some occasions I have gone to places of mountain that my five senses are connected with the trees, the animals and the courses of water, in fact it is very beautiful to be able to clear us in places like this.

Here I show you a beautiful landscape, with a resplendent sky, this picture is of the last vacation in my family's house.

The Magic of Nature
For some time the great lovers of nature have described their magic emanated in the power of the four elements: AIR, WATER, EARTH and FIRE, if these elements can be connected with the human being, a wonderful energy is released that is capable of healing any heart hurt.


The other kind of power that is used for natural magic comes from the earth. When nature is observed carefully, a lake, a large forest with leafy trees, there is a lot of energy that can be provided, however, not all people can to perceive it, an open heart is necessary.

An open heart
It is achieved by having contact with our interior and raising all possible levels of consciousness.


The personal power as such as the word tells us is in the person, is the one that prevails individually.
By taking care of our health, we generate a lot of energy that makes us capable of creating empathy with nature. We can breathe your air, drink your water, feel its warmth or cold and listen to your voices.

Benefits of Nature and its energy

The energy that names in the previous paragraph, is what allows people to perform their activities of daily life, exercise, study, walk, in short everything that involves an intellectual or spiritual action.

If you manage to unite personal power and the power of the earth important things are achieved, it is necessary to visualize what we want to achieve can be, health, prosperity and to move away the unhappiness or the negative of our daily life.

I do not aspire to explain this magic even to understand it, I only pretend to be and that we are more aware of them and learn to do my part, loving and respecting nature in the most beautiful and honest way.

The solitude of a forest repairs a wounded heart and opens our mind, the green of the meadows and mountains has the power to return a natural energy that beats intensely since the beginning of the history of the universe

My invitation: when you can disconnect from the screens and the city and its bustle, visit nature you will be surprised to find parts of you that you do not know, you can cry with yourself and rethink things that seemed lost in time

Photography on phone huawei j5 by @dianagomez


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