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10 - 4

Ten four! sounds like a police code,
But for me it is a date to remember;
Today I see, I see your photos,
And to think of you I feel.

There you are and I can't touch you,
I see you go by and I can't speak to you
You follow your path with a hidden look,
And I understand that there will not be a Hello, how are you?

Years have passed and you're still the same
I'm not talking about your character and personality,
Well your beautiful smile continues to dazzle,
And your eyes twinkle like a star in the vast universe.

I keep wondering how are you?
It is ironic how two souls can distance themselves,
After loving and fighting for love,
And in today's sun, I can't even speak.

I have sat in silence for all these years,
Seeing how you get to your achievements,
That once as goals you came to tell me;
It is proud to see you arrive and see that you are still going for more,
But there is nothing more rewarding,
See that you are happy and have been throughout this journey.

As I said I cannot say anything else,
That of what I am allowed to observe,
That is why I cannot speak of your being;
But I am sure that your essence has not changed,
I knew something about you and in your photos your eyes have spoken,
You are the same angel that at the time has captivated me.

I realize that the cotufas have not ceased,
Every day they continue to do their thing and exploit;
Well how to forget every kiss,
That thanks to them they have been interrupted.

Today I write this remembering,
Today I write this listening;
Today I write this observing,
Today I write this asking ...

Wanting to know what happened?
How did it go? and how have you been?
Knowing the bad and the good,
Without expecting anything in return.

Well 10 - 4
OK understood
Who wants to live forever?
If forever is ours today.


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