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HBO just released its highly anticipated drama series that is based on the Cernobyl disaster and the timeline of events that took place. Currently, it has only released 2 episodes and I have watched both episodes.

This is definitely a must watch. Johan Renck, the director of the series has put a lot of work into this show.

Watching the first episode,

I could directly feel the 1980s. The set pieces, the buses, the dresses. The actors even looked Russian.


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The scene when the scientist realizes that something is wrong but they did not really know what to do. Nothing like this has ever happened before. The top guns were in denial of the core reactor that exploded until one chemist by the name of Valery Alekseyevich Legasov had proofed them wrong. They did not know the effects of radiation and no one really knew what it would do to a human. Most of the firefighters who were at the scene had radiation burns and died not long after. I could feel the horror of these people when I watched the movie.

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Valery Alekseyevich Legasov committed suicide about two years later from the date of the disaster. I guess he couldn't deal with the guilt. I read a bit about him on wikipedia. Poor guy.

I can't wait for the third episode to be released. This movie is for those who love science movies and a bit about history.

Uranium 235

Although nuclear reactors seem harmless in the Simpsons, they have they have their risks.


Uranium 235 is an isotope of Uranium. Isotopes have different neutron number in it's nucleon although it's proton number and electron number are the same. Atoms make up all matter in the world and are it's building blocks.

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So the first question is; Why is Uranium the main element in the cause of a Cernobyl like disaster? This is due to nuclear fission.

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The heat generated from the Uranium 235 when it is blasted with a neutron causes a domino effect. This would go on for a long long long time. Radioactive elements tend to have a long half life which causes it to release radioactive substances for sometimes 100 years.

Radiation causes the DNA in human beings who are adjacent it's emission to be broken which causes Radiation burns and death. Those who are kilometers away would suffer from cancer due to cell mutation after some years.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were liquefied when those two nuclear bombs hit the cities in 1945.

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