Philosophical Disscussion Panel : Does Cern's LHC Create Portals???????

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Today's Disscussion, As always, revolves around a particular subject.

Today's subject is CENRN's Large Hadron Collider at its underground facility in Geneva Switzerland, and its supposed ability to create interdimensional Gateways, as seen in the Television series; Star Gate.


The Large Hadron Collider is a Particle accelerator; Known as one of the biggest in the world.

Essentially, particles are accelerated in opposing directions magnetically through a long ring of tube.

These particles are smashed together.

Cern is very secretive about what they are doing, saying they are "searching for the God Particle"

But what does that really mean, and what are they really doing?

Common acumen tells us that if particles are being smashed together, they are releasing energy: as when an atom is split, a nuclear blast can occur.

This is called Nuclear Fission.

Who is to say that they energy that is being released is not being used to create portals?

If these particles are smashed together in a ring, underground; could the Large Hadron Collider Be being used to create highly charged energy in order to upon up dimensional portals?

If this was true, It could allow for intergalactic travel; and thus intergalactic dominance by ruling cultures.
It could allow for the sending and receiving of frequencies, which in turn could change our dimensional reality; creating anomalies such as the Mandela Effect.

Do you think it is possible that the Large Hadron Collider can create portals, Interdimensional Gateways, wormholes etc.

Is this possible?

If so, what is the consequence?
What is your opinion?

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I believe there is a lot that Cern is doing that we don't know of. It's possible to time travel and Cern could be doing this. Which would be more exciting, traveling into the past or the future?

Dope article. I think they are hiding something