Titus Frost, The Liberty Columnist, Lift the Veil, Destroying the Illusion, Victurus Libertas and more in ONE Roundtable discussion!

See the BIGGEST Youtube names who got DELETED in the PURGE all in one place! EXCELLENT round table discussion about Internet Censorship!

Please share, as FB is shadowbanning us very badly.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/zSN9UYcFj3Dp/thumb bit.png


Awesome, this was a really great panel, I think we discussed quite a lot of topics that are very necessary and possibly forged some new alliances.

Cheers. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks so much your your great contribution, Dean. (That seems weird to me. I've only ever known you as Titus Frost!)

i saw this purge coming a long time ago, i knew it was gonna happen 1 day, i also never trusted facebook, facebook owned by a zionist jew, and when jews are in control the results are ugly.

They are going into overdrive to get the guns from Americans... no need to explain what happens if they succeed.

Upvoted and resteemed. Look forward to taking some time after work to watch this.

youtube only deletes accounts that speak against zionism, oh yeah i forgot the owner of google was a zionist jew. censorship is their goal to silence the truth community.

allaboutjoy, You are correct about the zionism. Our channel was actually deleted because of a video we posted about a little American girl who was trapped in Israel and put into their "foster care" and was being physically and sexually assaulted. She escaped the Lynn Shusterman institution (Lynn Shusterman, btw, is a Rothschild)... she was interviewed and filmed while she was out of the institution and we reported about it and posted the video. Our channel was deleted within 24 hours.... We have other proof it was because of that video.

Huge fan of the roundtable discussions :) Thank you!

Thanks for watching, Justified!

just throwing this out there, are the 'truthers" conspiracy theorists?" have they any validation? or are they like so many, just blowing smoke up our asses like the politicians are?

I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you throwing all "truthers" into one basket and labeling them all the same name? Which "truthers" are you talking about? And what is your definition of a "truther"? Because if you watch any of our videos, you will find very quickly that all of our data is backed up with absolute proof. If proof is something that falls into the category of "conspiracy theorist", then I wear that title with pride.

many of the truthers I have ran across on another site, at least that was what they called themselves, were more conspiracy theorists.