Is Something Fishy is Going on at Patreon? Laura Southern May Not Be Only Truth Teller Being Demonetized!

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Since Sundar Pichai made his announcement back in November of 2016 that Google would be removing advertising from anything they (big brother) deems to be fake news, people in the truth media have been having an increasingly harder time making ends meet. Channels all over YouTube were demonetized and some websites even de-listed from Google search results. It is clear that people have been waking up in droves since the election and the truth media aka the real media is where the people come to learn all that is happening that CNN and the rest of the lamestream fake news outlets blatantly cover up or dismiss. For you see, once a person has been awoken it is near impossible for them to go back to sleep. I myself spent countless hours some years back after my awakening googling different things, watching Alex Jones documentaries and learning about the elite and their plans. You see back then it was different but this election was a turning point and controlling the narrative had become increasingly more important.

This is the plan. Silence free speech and control the narrative to further the agenda. It is harder to carry out that plan when people realize what is happening. Being that we are not in Maoist China they can't silence us by force so they will starve us into submission. Turn off the financial faucet in hopes that truth tellers just give up and stop putting out the truth. There was a time when a truth teller could finance their operation with ad revenue from YouTube. Those were the good old days and they are now in the rear view.

Countless hours are put into writing articles, doing interviews and editing videos and now without ad revenue to help keep an operation up and running what can be done to financially support truth tellers? This is where came in. Many people were forced to start Patreon accounts to help finance their operations. They sucked it up and let the people help support them if they were willing to. This filled in the financial gap of lost ad revenue and allowed people like my good friend Sean @SGTReport to continue their work. It seemed like everything would be ok as long as the subscribers were willing to help out.

Well a little over a week ago, Laura Southern tweeted out that Patreon had banned her account out of the blue and basically there was nothing she could do, citing the reason is her funds were being used in activities that could cause "loss of life". They showed no evidence or proof, are allowing no appeal and have acted as judge, jury and executioner.

OK, so I know what you all may be thinking, that maybe it was just a fluke thing. It's an isolated incident right? I hoped this was the case too. I hoped that Patreon stands by their claims of being pro free speech but today during a conversation with Sean from SGT Report, he informed me that mysteriously he was down 50 patrons on his Patreon account. I would venture to say it's probably not a coincidence that in one month, 50 people exactly decided they no longer want to support Sean and his efforts. This is an all too familiar feeling for him, as just a few short months ago thousands of people were mysteriously unsubscribed from the SGT Report YouTube Channel. Couple that with the barrage of videos being demonetized and you can see why a Patreon account is a necessity for Sean and SGT Report these days. I would not be surprised if the Google internet monopoly swallowed up in the near future and suspended the account of every truth teller who uses that service. As a matter of fact I would probably bet money that it is in Google's plans to do just that but as far as I know this hasn't happened yet so why the targeting of people who don't go along with the agenda? Conservatives and Libertarians mainly? Isn't is a bit authoritarian to stop people from being funded by their supporters because Patreon may not agree with the politics or views of the content creator? I guess it is yet to be seen how things will unfold in the near future and who will be the next one targeted and financially shut out. I plead to to not follow the road the Google has taken by picking and choosing who can use their service based on the beliefs they hold.

If you know of anyone else that this has happened to or of anyone mysteriously losing funds or supporters on, please comment with the details so that I can do an update post. I would also love to hear from Patreon if they want to clear the air for us.

If you would like to donate and support me and my work I would appreciate it!

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Right on man, thanks for the mention. T R U T H on.


Always Sean. The people need to know what is happening.

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