Algorithms On Major Social Media Causing Problems For Influencers

in #censorship2 years ago (edited)

I saw a post from an Instagram 'model' - that label may be too limiting for her however. She's also a musician, and an actress too. Her name, Stormi Maya ... and she was discussing how Instagram isn't showing her posts, to her followers.

These were her remarks, from this post here on Instagram -




This highlights a serious problem going on with the major social media platforms. It reminds me of a brilliant line from "The Social Network" which, I'm not sure was ever said. BUT ... the movie contends, that originally, Zuck was thinking about not having ads on "The Facebook". Again I'm not sure if this was ever true, but if so, it's too bad he didn't stick to that original thinking. Because, 'ads make it less cool" - has come into fruition.

Maya, is suggesting that IG wants people to pay to promote their posts. I think she's right. They decided to cut down how many people can see what you are posting - and if you want more of your own followers to see what you post, you gotta 'pay to play' ....

Who agrees with this?

Sound off in the comments ............

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