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in censorship •  3 months ago

I was banned again from Facebook for a meme that didn't have porn in it or any kind of threatening hate speech. we are just going through a time where you aren't allowed to speak freely. we are moving into a world where people can't even take a joke.

Screenshot 2018-09-17 13.53.11.png

Oh Really?

Screenshot 2018-09-17 13.51.50.png

🌯 jew believe this 💩 mang?

I can't even respond to texts. They say i am restricted from doing anything for 24hours. Somehow i did NAZI that coming. did JEW???

These people on facebook don't see what a good thing we have here on steem. i'll MEME whatever the fuck I want to on steemit.

This was the image that banned me from posting, commenting and liking anything on facebook. I think it's hilarious. lol i don't take credit for it though. credit should go to @heclgang.
Nobody really wants to be on facebook. They just need to be converted to a better platform like Discord or the next best thing that comes out on EOS. Steemit is a decent platform i guess. lol I can't wait till the next Social Platform comes out on EOS.

I have the most fun on Discord wit the steemPunks .

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Good sharing dear

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