LINK & MEME: Censorship Means The Bullies Are Scared.

in censorship •  4 months ago


Bill Ottman from Minds posted a link to this article and I really resonated with it. The article is about current censorship issues, future censorship issues, and new platforms that are springing up all over the internet. Steemit is mentioned :)

The title, "Censorship Means The Bullies Are Scared" really hit home with me. I think there's a lot of truth to that. The internet has let the genie out of the bottle and they're finding it really hard to put it back in. Alternative media is now starting to affect elections in different countries. People are looking away from mainstream candidates. People are posting alternative views to the state approved narratives and a lot of people are starting to agree with them. People all over the world are coming together and realizing we're really not all that different. Only governments and imaginary borders divide us. The bullies are indeed scared and probably should be!

This is a very important issue to me. If mainstream media wants to censor political commentary and stifle free speech we need to move to platforms that support free speech. We need to create our own online communities, and platforms filled with free thinkers, and folks that think outside the box. We can not allow our social media sites to become nothing more than echo chambers of the state approved narrative!

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