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What's Up With Social Platforms

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There is so much craziness going on within the realm of traditional social platforms. Due to all these ridiculous policies and changes, there is a massive wave of people switching to blockchain social media platforms. The best ones I've used so far are Steemit and Minds!

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Every Week I Do A Giveaway

For all my posts, I collect the resteems, comments, and upvotes made on my posts the last week and use a by @snackaholic to determine the 3 winners who receive 0.5 SBD each and announce it on the next post! I also send out 0.001 monthly to my followers with a small bulletin update. By following me you opt-in to receiving it!

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Earn Free Coins With Minimal Effort

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EasyDex helps spread awareness for and is a sponsor of my music and an awesome decentralized trading exchange solution. They're doing some great work.

Witnessing On $STEEM

If you believe in me as a witness kindly vote for me by going to and voting for me at the bottom by typing in my username ‘scottcbusiness’ or click on the link below

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Witness Communications Assembly

An initiative to improve transparency, communications, and overall trust between witnesses and the rest of the community. To start it is a discord server, but we aim to build something much bigger moving forward.

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Checked your video ! Good views


hey thanks!

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Steemit and Minds combined drive more traffic to my website than Facebook and IG combined do now. My traffic from FB is down over 99.9% from 2015... I'm just an artist trying to share my art with people who followed me to see my art, so frustrating dealing with their algorithms, but super grateful for Steemit and Minds! lol


Yeah I'm sure many can attest to this! Glad that you found a solution here 😁

Very good posts. Good luck always brother


Thanks! Hope it gave some insight :)