My Old Muhammad Drawing is Now on the Blockchain

in censorship •  last year


Found my old Muhammad drawing when going through my Facbook memories. So, I decided use Steemit for one of its original purposes, which is to post sensitive material to a censorship free platform.

For those unaware, the muslim faith opposes the depiction of the prophets of the faith so that no prophet or any other living thing would be deified, as well as maintaining a level of reverence and sacredness.

Needless to say, the blockchain is something that would prove rather unpopular in the muslim world due to its censorship resistant nature.

I have no desire to hurt the feelings or insult the faith of muslims who have never, or will never, do anything to me, but I do feel obligated to defend my values against those who actively threaten mine.

And that unfortunately requires hurting some feelings along the way.

Muhammad is now depicted on the blockchain.

Where is your God now?

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You're pulling a denmark on the block-chain? :D

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