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Its a shame that an article like this is necessary.
But a lot of providers DO already censore the internet or plan to do so.

Even the swiss government is discussing a law that forced provider to censore foreign gambling sites.

I don't want this article to get to technical, basically when you open a website like google.com your browser asks first a DNS server which is the IP-Address of google.com. Your browser then connects to the IP it got from the DNS server it asked.

The problem about this is, usually your computer/router is configured to use its ISP's DNS servers. That means they can manipulate the IP response however they want.

For example if your provider wants to block google.com they just don't respond on your DNS request with the proper IP. They respond with one of their own IP-Addresses wich leads to a "blocked page site".

Good, that it is really simple to bypass such a censore system.
Just configure an alternative uncensored DNS server and DO NOT USE the servers you got from your providers.
You can be sure, they log and censore on those DNS servers.

How to change your DNS on a Windows system:

How to change your DNS on a Mac system:

How to change your DNS on a Linux system:
You should know, you're a nerd :P

Free uncensored DNS servers:



Have fun, surfing in a uncensored internet :P


Thank @rockz FOR your good advice . You are right . We should not use it

gambling is waste of time in every aspect and if a person is fool to involve in gambling and wasting his money nd time that is his personal problem thanks @rockz for sharing such an information!

All gambling site should be remove fro internet as quick as possible

I don't think thats the right way. So you remove the option for a citizen to use it.
If anyone is dumb enough to play on such site its his own fault.

Thats my opinion.

nice article sir... it's really interesting content.👍