@themarkymark, another fake account that flags without reason, like the berniesanders whales circle jerk

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@themarkymark flagged down my comment on the stupid @badcontent, @buildawhale bot.

Confirming my previous experiences he is nothing else but part of the @berniesanders, @pfunk, etc. etc. Whales circlejerk that are ruining this steemit platform on purpose by flagging posts and comments for no reason.

Just because they don't like the poster. Wether the content is right or wrong does not matter to them;

They just love to censor, because:

Yes They Can


They knocked 2 of my posts down for $200 yesterday mainly because I think it’s a controversial topic. I’ve never been flagged before and have always cited sources. It’s why I’m powering down and leaving for good. Steemit is not immutable as long as one or a few opinions can drown out everyone else. And for all their talk of anarcho capitalism, they feel the need to play police. All Steemit will accomplish is trade one group of dictators and rule enforcers for another. Meanwhile the platform benefits the whales and block producers, bot vote after bot vote and nothing really ever changes. People would be better off focusing their time on starting a business or spending time with their friends and family in the real world.

sharing the exact same thoughts. Powering down also, until I have left 2K of Steem or so then delegate it for 100% and then spending time on what is really important.

It's a shame but Steemit has become something like the Wild West on steroids with bad cops killing everyone they like killing just because they can do it.

Dan Larimer's invention is clearly not the way to go. That is something we can learn from this.

There...it's unhidden for now at least.

He wanted to make changes and a lot of people fought against them. I'm guessing that's one of the reasons he ultimately left and had a falling out with Steemit Inc. Its probably also why he said he is releasing a new platform on EOS sometime in Q4. I will be taking my proceeds from powering down here and most likely putting it there eventually.

How does a comment bot end up with a reputation score of 63.9 without a single blog post?

Oh I see what you're doing there...smart to keep it at 2% so its under the radar...ffs

Why your posts got flagged , it is very bad act by bots .

it's the same thing as on youtube, twitter, facebook, probably the same bunch of people sponsored by western government to troll the steemit platform into oblivion

What is your fb I'd ?

Not understand , whats happening with your posts from many days .

It's because Dan Larimer has created a very flawed platform. His philosophy behind it does not seem to work in the real world. It only causes a 'Wild West' on steroids effect where there is no law and bad cops shoot down whoever they like and get rewarded for it too.

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud