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RE: Social Media Censorship Is Vastly More Dangerous Than The Censored Material

in #censorship4 years ago

The only way to stop it is to vote with our feet and use, Steemit, DuckDuckGo, etc.


These are precious resources, yet vanishing few, and uncompetitive with propaganda mills. We need more and better means of communication: mesh networks, extranational cryptocurrency and ISP's (I'm thinking of Nexus in particular, with a core of satellites for both blockchain and internet access beyond state(s) control), and secure hardware and end to end encryption for our communications (including metadata) that isn't backdoored by manufacturers and publishers.

We also need to turn the tables of the surveillance state, so that our public 'servants' actions are published in publicly auditable blockchains where corruption can be exposed, not censored, and prompt action to excise it. Maybe if states weren't so eminently corruptible, they wouldn't be anathema to freedom and the felicity of our posterity.

Hopefully technology will ride in to enable us to defend our lives and property, but I am extremely alarmed at the sudden emergence of the prospect of American civil and global war. The deep state possesses power not because it's stupid or gentle, but the opposite: savage and cunning. I reckon they're aware of burgeoning means of escaping their enemedia influence, and can read the writing on the wall.

Forewarned is forearmed, and they yet have the greater armories.

Well said.


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