Test Three

in #censorship2 years ago

This is my 3rd time trying to post today.

The first post was titled "Moving to HIVE" and used the tags hive, steem and censorship.

The second was titled "Switching Blockchains" and used the same tags.

Neither shows on my blog.

I am trying again without using the hive tag this time.

Note that you don't have to run tests like this on HIVE blockchain to figure out what you're allowed to post. There is no censorship on HIVE, a decentralized blockchain. My rewards are also 4x on HIVE as here on STEEM, despite having the same followers on both chains. Just something to think about.

See my post "I Wonder If" to find out more about switching to HIVE for freedom from censorship.


Surprised the botshadowbannerabusers here Steem Censorland allowed you to even post this.
I had a very innocuous list of my favorite years for cars and trucks attacked and given a gray headline.

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