Especially people considering themselves awakened whilst digesting Alex Jones' propagandic spud, it's next level humor!

I'm not a fan of Jones or Jeff Rense anymore, yet both are where I started reading and questioning many years ago. Moved along after getting dissatisfied with both. Who knows maybe Jones is a 'supported and controlled' opposition, even if it isn't conscious or not deliberate on this part, since he provides a nice target to justify censorship, even if it shouldn't happen and is unjustifiable.

Yep, becoming truly bizarro world and what is even more bizarro about it is when you get off the computer after reading an article like this that spells it out and then interact with the public things for the most part are normal. Been like this for years where the vice is cranking down and door to the future is slowly closing... and most people people are ignorant and like Eat, Drink and be Merry. Yep, because 'tomorrow', a lot are going to die.

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