The next evolution of man is communication using electronic signals.

in censorship •  3 months ago

Computers are an external organ of human beings, the primary method of communication for human beings is electronic. The majority of our real life conversations are devoted to the administrative functions needed for biological survival.

When you silence a human being on the internet, you are amputating their external communication.

From this point onward, barring catastrophe, humanity will never be without the internet. We have the instantaneous ability to communicate with any other human on the planet. We don't even give it a second thought, that somehow, someone in another country can instantly talk to us.

My understanding of the acceptable use for this communication excludes direct threats of violence, child pornography, cruelty to animals.

Generally speaking my use of the internet is completely free of this material. To have a high likelihood of encountering something extremely disturbing you would have to use the darkweb, and even then it's still unlikely to be encountered by accident.

To hear that Steemit banned an author for a reason other than this does not seem right.

Can someone please explain why this was a legitimate banning?

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I have no idea, but i'm glad to see you again. :)

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