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This is something everyone should read and pay attention to. Censorship is everywhere and it's bullshit. This is why places like ctptalk and steemit and whatever front end you use. Even more so the blockchain overall. Own your content. Never let anyone tell you what content is yours.
Apparently, at the time of this post twitter is "temporarily restricting" the @steemnetwork account. We all know this is code for censoring over something they don't like or want we the unwashed masses to see.
Get on board with Dtube. Own your own "stuff' and give 2 big middle fingers to those that want to control you. It angers me and should anger you as well.


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@athomewithcraig, In my opinion we are living in the most dominating times and censorship is everywhere and in my opinion we lost the true Freedom Of Speech too that's why Decentralised Space is rising. Stay blessed.

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When things like this happen, it shows the power of decentralization and it's potential!

Censorship be damned :)