No to censorship. Yes to Freedom!

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It's said that the internet is the most powerful force disrupting the news media.

But mass media aren't the only ones being censored, look at freedom of speech. Well known individuals, have been "hunted" by governments wanting to keep their "mouth shut". The most know man is Julian Assange, the founder of Wiki Leaks. The man who's trying he's best to keep real journalism alive.


Censorship isn't something new, It's been here as long as politics. But as technology keeps on making progress, the unheard voices are getting easier tools to their message heard. The most popular and restrictive way of censorship is Television. Where every information is carefully checked to apply to their "politics" and is still the most used medium to influence the public.The information presented is almost always focused on one side, leaving almost none to zero chance for the other side to be heard. Yet we live in a democratic society.

But television isn't the only thing being censored aggressively. Music is one of the most popular ways of expressing yourself, is also locked down. The higher positioned ones still decide what can and can, not be said in a song and heard by the public.

But the most influential social media today is Facebook, it has the power not only to influence opinions nation wide, but worldwide. It's the only medium that can influence such a large group of individuals.

The Steemit Trojan Horse

But than comes Steemit, revolutionary in many things, but in my opinion for the most part revolutionary because it's giving a voice to the mass. An uncensored Trojan horse in a world of censorship. It's removing all chains from us and freeing us to speak our minds. Giving us the right to hear or see both sides and protecting that data from being censored. I've noticed recently that many important individuals that speak the other side media doesn't want us to hear are joining Steemit and are being greeted by the community. I'm happy to see this, It's an exciting "revolution" that's happening right now. But even with steemit being free, there is still someone "with higer SP power".

The government. And it's no lie that they will be monitoring this platform in the future or are already doing it. That in the future we might see anonymous accounts with high Steem Power flagging "sensitive" posts. But what differs Steemit from other sites is, it's backed up by a blockchain. A chain of data that cannot be broken apart. If someone shares something that, the government doesn't like. On other sites, the pages containing that information get deleted, even servers physically examined and inspected by the government and in some extreme cases International police operations shutting down hundreds of servers wold wide. We've seen how censorship works on other media, YouTube deleting videos, Twitter banning & deleting tweets from some individuals and Facebook shutting down entire pages with thousands of followers because of "sensitive" content or a different opinion. Will that come to steemit? Yes, it will. But the way Steemit will "obey" to the government, is by hiding the data from the blockchain explorer, so if they do censor something, they will hide it from the site, but not from the blockchain where it will stay forever.

Some of you out there who don't understand the "blockchain" technology, so let me explain it using simple analogy: It's a database that constantly records data as it grows and "locks" it with a "block", once a new block is created there is no way to erase or modify the previous one. They literally "stack" on each other. This way of "stacking" data makes it safe from edits/removal and manipulations, thereby making the data permanent. This post that you're reading right now will be recorded on a block chain, making it a permanent record. More detailed info on the Blockchain Here.


Steemit & Steem is truly revolutionary in many things and in my opinion has a bright future ahead, but the one thing I would like to especially point out, is it's ability to give a voice to the mass to express themselves freely without censor and a chance for us "mortals" to
"see both sides of the coin".


Is that why my posts are getting downvoted because of fear by so called anarchists?

idk how long it will hold, but ive unhidden most of your posts.

I appreciate a lot! It's doing pretty well actually.


That means if we get different blockexplorer we can always see what is in the block?

Yes, Steemit is just a blockchainexplorer of the steem blockchain, nothing happening on the steem blockchain can be hidden.

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