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The structure in this photo reminds me of a castle turret. Actually, it is a mausoleum in a cemetery. It is a view that I see regularly, as I look through a window past the backyard and through the six foot tall chain-linked fence. I can see what goes on in this part of the cemetery just by looking up and out whenever I feel like it, or if I hear sounds that attract my attention.

I don't know about other cemeteries, but there's lots of life in this one.

There's animals. It is a resting stopover for Canadian geese. We see them fly in and out, hear their honking, and watch them rest or walk around nibbling on grass or looking for things to eat in the grass. Located In the middle, there is a creek with a mini dam that supports a pond for ducks to live and nest and have their families. Below the dam, ground hogs can be caught sight of enjoying the stream. Sometimes deer come out and can be spotted in early hours when they wander out of a mini forest that is preserved along one side of the cemetery. There are the usual squirrels running back and forth and all sorts of birds flitting about because there are a great abundance of trees. At one time, there was a fox that could be seen trotting back and forth.

Once, I just happened to look up at the right moment. There was a beautiful large Belgian horse pulling a cart that held a casket. Following, walking behind, were people in costumes. I surmised it must be a Thespian funeral.

Then there are the ones who use the cemetery like a park. People take their daily healthful walks and strolls. People walk their dogs. They jog and ride their bikes.

Every holiday, there are individuals and sometimes groups that leave decorations: mini-flags for memorial day, flowers for Mother's Day and Easter, Wreaths for Christmas.

There are the groundskeepers. They have every kind of equipment and machinery for what ever job needs to be done: set-up for funerals, lawn care, plant care, and snow plowing.

Last mention, there are funerals that take place almost every day. Also, individuals, couples, small groups, make their own special trips. People are constantly coming and going throughout the day for their personal reasons. Therefore, the folks in the ground, in this particular cemetery, can still observe and enjoy life, if they feel restless.

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