Why I Joined the YMCA

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I joined the YMCA so I can follow an exercise program that can be changed frequently. The facilities are wonderful, as they provide access to nearly every form of exercise and even sports for whatever programs I want. Being at the gym also allows me to avoid distractions, such as other family members in my home, and of course, the phone, television, people knocking at the door and so forth.

I also enjoy a level of privacy at the gym, even though there are many people there when I exercise, these are usually not my friends and neighbors so I don’t get into conversations with my next door neighbor for example, after he watches me finish a run or walk. No one but strangers get to see me struggling on the weight machines or treadmill; however, lately I’ve noticed a shocking trend that has morphed into my gym looking like the photograph at the top of this article.

I don’t bring my phone to the gym, I want to exercise, that’s why I come to the gym. But nearly everyone lately is walking through my favorite gym with a phone in one hand, usually held at a 45 degree angle, and even during exercise. I’ve even noticed some people fastening a smart phone to an arm or on the waste. Many people are seen standing motionless in the middle of walkways, while reading and typing on their phones, completely oblivious to the world around them.

I come to the gym for the health benefits of regular and focused exercise. I have a healthy diet, I never use the microwave, in fact, it’s never even plugged into the wall. But now when I come to the gym, and everyone is using his cell phone, the Wi-Fi signal generated in the building must be strong enough to provide probably 40 or 60 people at any one time with Wi-Fi access for their phones or other smart devices.

Just like you can cook your food with fire, you can also cook a person. You can also cook your food with a microwave, and we use the microwave energy in our cell phones. Likewise, you can cook a person with a microwave. We have to ask what is happening to human tissue while using microwaves to communicate (4G and 5G penetrate human tissue). I have to ask, when I come to the gym to maintain my health, how much tissue penetrating microwave energy am I being exposed to during my 60 – 90 minute visits? What is my exposure to the nearly 60 people walking around me and exercising next to me as they hold, read, caress and affix their phones to their bodies? Is this like we discovered in the seventies about second hand cigarette smoke?

So if I don’t bring my phone to the gym, am I still being exposed to harmful microwaves because of the many people around me using their phones and the routers in the building? A recent discovery has proven a causal relationship with men who keep cell phones in their pockets and substantially lower sperm counts, among other adverse biological effects on cells, tissues and organs. The penetrating EMF radiation from cell phones is now proven to cause embryos from ovulation to behave as if they have already been fertilized because of the penetrating 4G and 5G radiation, making them hardened so they cannot become impregnated, making the woman infertile). There are too many facts about the adverse consequences of cell phone use, so I’ve included some references that explain greater detail. Let’s look at the privacy issues.


I’m sure there would be some problems if I brought a video camera into the gym locker room. But if I bring my phone into the locker room, even stare at it while I’m walking into and around the looker room, and even though there are two video cameras placed to view in a 360 radius, no one even blinks. I think this is because people mistakenly believe that the only time your phone’s video camera (and microphone) is recording is when you deliberately set it to record or at least view. This is incorrect. Your mobile phone’s video cameras and microphone are always on and they are always collecting the streaming images from wherever you go. I don’t want to be video recorded or even viewed through anyone’s video camera, especially while I’m in the locker room.

But what if your phone’s cameras and microphone were not recording, but you had some malware or spyware that someone was using to access these features without your knowledge? You never really know, so it is reasonable to assume that your phone’s camera and microphone are on and streaming and recording at all times. If someone must bring his phone into the locker room, which I see no reason why, but let’s just say someone had a psychological addiction to carrying his phone everywhere (kind of like Charlie Brown’s friend Linus and his blue blanket), the phone should be off or at least concealed so that it cannot record any images or sounds. Otherwise, we have to make the assumption that the person who does not take these steps is involved in voyeurism.


"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" – Dr. Devra Davis

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