Is 5G a health problem?

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Genf, a city and district in Switzerland has made the setup up of 5G towers illegal.

They are concerned about potential health implication. I just came across this article:

I have heard and read about these sort of concerns at a few places but failed to find some trusted source or study that either declares it safe or unsafe.

I am curious to see if you had any information or thoughts on this matter.

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FUN-fact: EU-Parliament also banned 5G in the city of Brussels, because they don't want to be the guinea pigs testing it for health effects. That is literally what they said why they prohibited the installment.

I was doing some reading on this the other day and there aren't any credible sources for good reason. Wish I could find the article that stated this as it was a Mayo Clinic doctor I believe that stated something along these lines.

That speculating on the risk or safety of a technology that hasn't been fully implemented or tested in any meaningful controlled way is impossible. It will be years if not decades before the potential health risks are known if any and by that time a whole new technology will have replaced 5G.

That answer really sounded like a politician running for office not giving a real answer at first, but after giving it a little thought I decided to stop digging into it because he was correct.

Realistically, we are looking at practically no risk.

However it more powerful than 4g, but nothing compared to flying longhaul a lot or visiting the hospital for xrays etc.

There is an increased risk.

People who are already sensitive better double the thickness of their tinfoil hats and jackets.

The chemicals in our food air and water are much much worse.

Its difficult to isolate because the combined effects of all this stuff is obviously bad.

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I was actually reading about this the other day, like the price we will pay to remain connected and i came across this post -

we will find out , later or earlier. But the speed details are crazy fast from 5g

@knircky, Not any solid information but watched some discussions on news and also read some of the articles where i read and watched that these 5G towers are bad for health because these towers will release whatever vibrations it will be harmful for the human beings. Let's see if we will going to hear the real truth or not.

5G is being developed and implemented without adequate evaluation of the effect of this technology on human health after long term exposure to these frequencies. Peer reviewed research studies have found adverse effects from the electromagnetic frequencies currently in use and that will be in use for this new technology

Here is my opinion on it.

  1. There are no credible research proving the harms of 5G
  2. There are no credible research proving that 5G is harmless
  3. Doing a proper long term study requires a long time frame.
  4. From what I know 5G is perfectly fine for the short term
  5. Smoking and debts are also perfectly fine for the short term
  6. There are many things like food, air pollution, damage to ozone layer that can F- us up way before 5G does anything harmful

I don't even have money to buy a flagship phone and I'm currently living away from populated cities. So I'll be 5G free for at least an year or 2. My advise: Wait & See...... 4G is working just fine :)

5G is a health problem!
But I think he is only a small problem. The health problem is subject to many factors.
In this, I think he is the most minor problem.
When people want to fight against the incumbent,
So will focus on mentioning him,
So in fact, it was enlarged !

We will find out. If its causing health issues than the service providers will face huge lawsuits against them. So they better test it before they release it to the public.

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It's like any new technology. We know about the disadvantages only later.

No, did you know that they used WiFi as an weapon in world war? Or world war2? This radiaton can harm humans if its too much. Nowadays everyone has an WiFi modem in their home’s. 5G is just the next generartion 4G or LTE. The biggest difference in between is that its 10 times as fast. Maybe the frequency or signalwave of 5G can harm humans more easily? I do not know. But one thing is for sure avoid this radiation as much as you can.

I had no idea that this construction even existed, so I guess I know less than you. But one thing's for sure, there has been no studies on this area and it is very legitimate that the government made that decision.

Thank you for the upvote! I actually transfered to the wrong steembounty account and feeling sad 😂

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Come into the telegram chat and we will sort it out


Can I have the link?

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I also heard it from a friend some no the ago of its testing and adverse effect. So I did some googling and found it to be true.

That's very crazy to think of.

But I think, at every stage in technology, there is always challenge.

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I think 5g will not make more problems then the alternatives

I don't think so

In my opinion, structures like this must be studied first before their operation. I do hope that proponents of these programs must be aware in order to prevent future trouble, especially among the populace.

But if these are safe, then it will also be a boost especially to our modern society where the internet is now a fundamental part of daily living.

With the technology entering our lives too much, 5g became widely used. I think their effects should be investigated for a long time and then banned or released.

I still don't have 4G at home since i don't live in a City, When i am at my working place i have 4 G but since 4 G adoption has still a long way to go. 5G will still take for years to come, i think.