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A big thanks to @sirknight for initiating this challenge. More strength to the steem church.
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Poultry Management

Poultry refers to group of birds reared for food and other purposes. These included: domestic fowl, turkey, goose, guinea fowl and duck. These birds are reared mainly for meat, egg and manure. They are non-ruminants

Breeds of Domestic Fowl

The various species of fowls may have had a common ancestor, the primitive fowl called gallus.
The various breeds of fowls can be classified into three main groups:
(a) egg producers examples are white leghorn, brown leghorn.
(b) meat producers(broilers) examples are sussex, cornish,and cochin
(c) dual purpose ones(both egg and meat producers) examples are Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, and New Hampshire.

System of poultry Management

The system of management defines the extent to which birds are exposed to sunshine, pasture and also housing pattern. There are extensive, semi-intensive and intensive system.

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