Elephants are mammals, and the largest land animals alive today.There are three living species: the African Bush Elephant, the African Forest Elephant (until recently known collectively as the African Elephant), and the Asian Elephant (also known as the Indian Elephant). Other species have become extinct since the last ice age, which ended about 10,000 years ago, the Mammoth being the most well-known of these. Elephants are increasingly threatened by human intrusion and poaching.The elephant is now a protected species worldwide, with restrictions in place on capture, domestic use, and trade in products such as ivory.

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Beautiful animals.

I had to write a dissertation on the vocalisations they make a quarter of a century ago. (Well, Loxodonta africana, anyway.) And in news I saw earlier today, more good news: CHINA have finally agreed to uphold the international ban on ivory trading.

They're probably still pretty much doomed and likely to go extinct as a result of human activity / population growth but there's nothing wrong in fighting to delay the near-inevitable.


Ps. Is that your photo? If so, nice work.

Thank you for this contribution zool237 - you sound extremely knowledgeable in the ways of the elephant. The team at Community News hope that the elephant continues to roam in the wild for many years to come - but like you, we have our doubts. Bans on ivory trading obviously help the cause.

And thank you @roshanee for this contribution to #celestialchallenge.


Nice family

The care that a family can give is unparalleled. So depicted in animals aswell.

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