Celestial Challenge Tuesday - Animal Kingdom • SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ON THE ANIMAL KINGDOM


Size doesn't matter in the jungle. Focus and skills they should have in order to survive. This is pure example of the survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom.



What is survival of the fittest when looking at animals? That is the typical definition of survival of the fittest in its natural habitat. Survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom is much more prominent and thus plays a larger role. It affects animals every second of every day of their lives. In a split moment they could die all because they were not the “fittest”.


This process is completely natural. The stronger lions kill off weaker gazelles and thus the lion’s genes can be passed on whereas the gazelles’ cannot. The weak lions that cannot catch any gazelle cannot obtain enough food and die off. Therefore the weak lions’ genes cannot be passed on. The strong gazelles who are not caught by the lions can live and pass on their genes to the next generation. Therefore the "'fittest' tend to pass on more of their genes to the next generation. Survival of the fittest is the natural way the animal kingdom works.


Brothers and Sisters , the survival of the fittest does not affect only with animals only but in humans too. This is where people uses their positions,status,money and so on to let the weaker suffer in our community. IT MUST STOP NOW.

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This is true surviving in the animal kingdom is not easy for animals, so also striving to do God's will may not be easy today, we have to strive. I enjoyed reading from you.

Sure is not easy there but with God we will be fine

This is really amazing ...the power to survive in any kingdom is by following the rules of the kingdom.nice post

Thanks for your complements