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I still feel like everythibg was just a dream. I can’t believe I saw him and he was just in front of me. We were probably 5ft apart. I actually saw him 2 times.

The first one was at the mall. It was at Mall of Asia but that was pretty depressing cause I didn’t really get to meet him and hug him. I was not one of those lucky winners that got to meet him and hug him. But at least I saw him and I was at the front of the barrier whatever. I was noticed by the host and I was shown at the monitor. It was too late when I realized that what I did was very embarrassing.


As you can see, we were all sitting and it was still kind of peaceful but when the host spoke, we didn’t care anymore and we ran to that barrier thing.

The second time I saw him was at the airport. I went there with my friend and we waited. We were actually stressed cause we waited for a freaking long time. Good thing there were 2 girls who told us that he was at the VIP lounge so we rushed there. I was really running like I was in the marathon. I kept on calling his name but he’s not even looking at me lol. I know he can hear me but whatever. When he was at the elevator, I saw him and I think he was looking at me the whole time. He probably noticed me ir remembered me??? I don’t wanna assume cause it hurts. BUT AT LEAST I SAW HIM OMG

To anyone who’s reading this that knows someone who can help me talk to Cole freaking Sprouse, please help me. Just comment below hehehehe lovelots.

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