Chinese New Year 2018

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Yee Sang, also known as Prosperity toss is a Chinese tradition during Chinese New Year celebration. It is a sign of auspicious, abundance and prosperity.


A homemade Dog Yee Sang.
May this Year of Dog bring luck, health and happiness to everyone of us.
My greatest wish for this year is steem sky rocket to new high!




hopefully this year's expectations are realized

Let's pray for it together =)

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I love dogs <3 I have 4 dogs myself. 3 Small ones and a big black girl dog!^^ Very creative dish of the chinese dog!^^ Upvoted!

Thanks for it! 2018 is the year of dog in Chinese zodiac, it will be a great year for dog lovers

Adorable! Thanks for sharing. I hope this new year of dog is a blessed and prosperous one for all Steemians! ❤ Resteemed, Upvoted, and Followed ❤

Thank you! Wish your 2018 filled with love joy and laughter =)

That is really cute Yu Sheng. Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to you too. Wish you a prosperous year in 2018 =)


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Good Luck!

Thank you so much for choosing my post!

Looking so beautiful, all are vegetables?

Yes, all these are edible made from healthy vegetables

This is such a fun photograph sharing your celebration! You can share food photography with the tag #dailyfoodphotography to be entered in a weekly contest. Read about it here. I love finding colorful and creative food ideas to include :)

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