My birthday...celebrating the day i got stabbed

Hey its my birthday...well lets talk about you first...

For months and years we drift on attaining degrees, education and skills we really have no love for, follow religion we don't believe in, go to jobs we hate, stay in relationships that give us less than we really deserve... we live WITHOUT MUCH PASSION having no particular sense of direction and having no will to change THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS TO ALTER THE PATTERN, it may be something very simple and inconsequential in itself, but IT STABS AWAKE, it alarms, it disturbs, in a flash one gets a VIVID PICTURE OF ONESELF and it passes, the result is DECISION - DEFINITIVE DECISION, as a wake of the decision itself energy, passion is released, the act of decision SWEEPS ALL BEFORE IT and the life of the individual may be changed forever!

That there is our story but most importantly mine ... Something happened that altered the pattern - living
every day of my life as a reaction to life, no passion, no energy, just drifting - with hope that in drifting i may somehow find meaning, happiness, love and satisfaction... Then something happened that altered the pattern, which to me was THE DISCOVERY OF THE PATTERN ITSELF, this discovery produced an insatiable hunger, to do and be more.

Yesterday i was like another birthday is here and i haven't achieved as much as i thought i should, then something struck me "to live meaningfully? according to vision? to live everyday fulfilling my passion?" in a time where the status quo is to survive, So that every breath i take is for some higher purpose not just for the furtherance of my existence even if i live 50 lifetimes that one thing would be worth a thousand achievements.

Les brown one of the greatest motivational speakers once said "the kind of live we live IS NOT a reflection of OUR TRUE POSSIBILITIES, the kind of life we live IS A REFLECTION OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS" As a Man THINKETH IN HIS HEART, so is he, you are what you think so if you want to change the results you have got to change the way you think, change your consciousness.

As a result of that same decision a community (THINKDIFFERENTLY) was born to cause that "something to happen" for as many as are out there, if you know you are tired of business as usual and are ready to pursue that desire in your heart to do and be more than you currently are please join us today on our whatsapp group
in the spirit of celebration my and join like minded people as we surge forward together in DOING AND BEING MORE cause the true meaning of happiness is in actually living the kind of lives we desire and not settling for what is available...selah


Happy birthday great man, may this Birthday herald another year of successes and dreams come true for you. God bless and keep you.

Thank you for your kind words my brother, i appreciate you

Happy belated birthday Emmanuel, more ink to your pen and more smiles to your face

Thank you so much bro

Happy birthday to you sir

Happy birthday bro, age gracefully

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday brother. Nice thoughts

Happy birthday brother. Powerful thoughts

I wish you all the best

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