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YA'LL it's ARTzone 1st year celebration party show on discord and its gonna rock.

Come celebrate with us, win big and have fun this Saturday.

There will be a special surprise gift for everyone, get paid to PARTY with us this SAT Mar 9.

Time; 2pm EST
7pm GMT
7pm UTC
8pm GMT +1 (Nigerian time)
9pm GMT +2 (South African time)

Side Attraction

• Karaoke
• Talk on Artzone token "MULA"
• Musicoin
• Quiz and giveaway
• Award

Join us this Saturday on our discord channel

For artzone party show and win big
Celebrate 1st year anniversary with us,
Get paid for party with us, Lot of giveaway to be won

Cheer !!!
Much love from your @artzone curator
Join us this Saturday Time; 19:00hrs GMT/7pm GMT, 8pm Nigeria time
@gbija cares
Please Resteem to show love to artzone on this.
Discord show link; https://discord.gg/V3v6czb
Model @princessvanessa
Graphics @jacobite


Let's do another announcement tomorrow! ;-)

And this time put the #steem #steemit tags on it too please? #wafrica

Please come everyone, it's really going to be historic and I really want to see what we can create on Sat night!


Feel that FIRE BURN baby...

We have a new whitepaper and airdrop announcement soon! Stay tuned!

Ugh, wish I could come. Resteeming for others.

Maybe I'll can peek in:)

Please come, you are such a Guest of Honor!

WE HAD A GREAT TIME LAST SAT and our new Master of Ceremony, is a real expert, we have great artists singing, it was amazing ;-)

I am such a big fan, but also very lazy, so I hope you will forgive, check your KeyChain Wallet because you are in the Top 200, and you will also be granted a large share of our airdrop for all your great service.

We really love you, we need you in the fam @twirble!

Thank you so much I am honored. I do not feel like I deserve it; I have been off Steemit too long. Nice to be back, such a great community here.

You guys rock

it's going to be so much fun...
i will be there...
catch you guys

I am at work but I will try to chime in!

Fun all the way

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