Sharing our blessings

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Hi there steemians :-), this is my second post.. I just want to share our experience by sharing our blessings together with my brothers and my father ^_^.. So Every year my father told me that i need to know the prices of the school supply, like book, paper, pencil sharpener and bond paper. After that i give him the list of the prices, and i ask my auntie the barangay captain of Brgy. Bairan Asturias Cebu City, if how much student are enrolled for class 2017. Then she told me how many students that time. So My father send me the money so that i can buy all the stuffs. 20170603_164654.jpg since we have 306 students enrolled, i cant finish it fast without the help of my brothers and my cousin. For kinder1, kinder2, grade1, grade2 and grade3, inside of the brown envelope is we have 2 books, 2papers, 2 pencils, 1 crayon, 1 eraser, 20pieces of bond paper and 1 sharpener. For grade 4, grade5 and grade6 we have 2books, 2papers, 2ballpens, 1crayons, 3 different color of ball pen and 20 pieces of bond paper. 20170603_201008.jpg

And finally everything is set. it's time to travel going to brgy. Bairan ^_^.

Mandaue City to Bairan Asturias is so far 67.79 miles away. We start our trip 2am and we arrive our destination by 7am in the morning. And yes finally we arrive safe. ^_^ 20170605_092054.jpg20170605_092003.jpg

The teacher assist us and calling all the students to fall in line so that we can start give their school supply. While waiting, we prepare a snack for them juice, bread and donuts ^_^ .. 20170605_102415.jpg 20170605_100038.jpg

Everything is all set, we are now ready to give a smile to the children.. While giving them a school suppply, i can't explain the feelings that i can give a smile to them. My heart is aching , Im starting to cry and smile. This is my stress reliever, seeing them happy makes me relief. The moment i saw there smile is the moment my mind think that i am very bless that i have a father that capable to do this all. That no matter what happened my father wants to help to those people who have nothing. though my father is very strict to us his children, still he has a big heart to share his blessings with them... I saw my father crying and smile that time. I hope he will never stop sharing his blessing to them.20170605_104217.jpg

I also bought eraser and chalks for all the teachers. ^_^ and they don't expect it.

Thanks you for dropping by steemians.. i hope you enjoy reading it!!.. til next time.. ^_^
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Wow so glad knowing there are people who have their iniative to help others.. especially students who are striving to finish their studies.. Thank you for motivating them =)


Thank you @micch ☺️☺️☺️


You are very much welcome =)

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Wow so thoughtful, I also plan to do that thing in my province in the near future. Hope Steemit can help me with my plan


Thank you! ^^ i hope steemians will have a plan and share there blessings also .. ^^

w0w Keep it up!!!

steem on kababayan!!


Thank you kababayan.. ☺️

congrats insan..keep it up steemate..