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I’ve been in steemit for almost 2 months but within that period, I never tried cashing out my steem dollar. And today, with the help of youtube video guide, I attempted to cash it out. But fails.


I successfully transferred out my SBD to blocktrades and blocktrades to but infortunately I made a mistake. I never knew that I still need to verify my identity and one thing to do it is to provide a valid id, which I dont have as of the moment. So now, Im stacked.

Im new with the process. I dont even know if Im in the right path and if my SBD are safe or what I mean is restored in my account though I have not completed the verification process.

Can someone help me explain the things I should do/consider?

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A lot of sites are asking for verification now a days so I am unsure - I have resteemed in the hopes maybe another can come to share advice. You could always consider steemit gift cards? Not sure what type of verification they need.

Thank you so much! Well they for a valid id before I can start cashing out. Valid id could be any sort of government Id which I dont have as of now.

You mean your identity in coinsph is not verified?

Yup :( it asked for some valid id. The problem is I dont have one.

coz its above 2k right?
I recommend that you transfer it to somebody with a verified coinsph wallet ask him/her to withdraw the funds for you and give it to you.
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Can I transfer it though it is in my acc already?

Resteemed to try and help you get some advice from someone who knows...

Oww thank you so much!

Thanks for the informative post! I hope you'll find a way to get your founds back! I keep my fingers crossed 4 you!!!

Appreciate it so much. Thank you!

I've got no idea how to cash it out either. Did you end up figuring it out?

Nope, not yet. But I believe the only remaining step I need to complete is providing them a valid ID which I still dont have.

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