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in cebu •  last year

Hi Steemians!!!Good day
I'd like to introduce my self to all of you guys😁
I'm joining this social media cause I want to help my mother...
I'm 14 years younger and sooner to 15 on march 21😁
For now I'm grade 9 student and I'm studying at Canduman National High School
I'm so lucky because me and my teacher likes to draw
I'd like to do Draw, sketch and etc. that's something related to arts,..
Thanks to all who read and sorry for grammatically wrong 😂IMG_20180208_192300_274.JPG

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Welcome to Steemit, @nathanial! Hope you find your experience worthwhile in many ways. ✌💛




You will enjoy and learn at the same time. For more effective stemmit experience, I suggest that you engage in the community by reading others blogs, joining in contest. commenting genuinely in their posts and following other steemians who have the same interest with you. More than that, try your very best to only post/blog with quality content. Meaning it is educational, entertaining, useful and important.

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