Skyscrapers of the Queen City of the South

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I love Cebu ♥
Cebu is continuously developing. I am so proud of her, my homeland.
This photo was shot approximately 18.5 meters above the ground. This photo is just a 150-degree preview of one of the greatest viewsI have ever seen of my dear Cebu City.

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play

Wow pina 18.5meters above the ground. LR jd ning engineer ayy hahaha upvoted! kaso 0.00 akong value sorry princess haha. <3

It's okay @nikkabomb Your support is always more than helpful than an upvote value 😘

ayeee 💕😍😘 Keep it up luii. And always remember, dghan mi gahuwat sa imong mga posts hahaha

I am very happy to see your post. And I am very inspired with the pictures you post. Please vote on me yes. Because I'm still a beginner

Based on the angle of elevation, the exact elevation of the camera is 18.4923 meters.

Hahahaha ah grabe. Tell that to the altimeter haha

Hahahhahahahaha accurate AF! 😂👏

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