slothicorn Emojis #I :D :P

in #ccommonsart3 years ago (edited)

Did u notice that I like to use emojis in all of my comments, so i created emojis for slothicorn, hope u guys love it :D. (more coming soon)

1-stuck out tongue:

Slothicorn Emojis-1.png

2-stuck out tongue wild eyes:

Slothicorn Emojis-2.png

3-stuck out tongue winking eye

Slothicorn Emojis-3.png

4- stuck out tongue closed eyes

Slothicorn Emojis-4.png


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
International License.



These are so cute!

thank you :) i will make more

Maty, i love emoji's too! 🐧🐹🐺
Your slothicorn emoji's are super adorable 😄
Keep Drawing amazing things, and Steem-on! @matyan

thank you, where are u ? didnt see u lately?

Emojis are so you @matytan haha These slothicorns are sooo cute! Can we have this in

hahhaahhah u can send it in chat :D but it larg lol

Thank you for your submission. To see our latest contest, go here:
Deadline is coming soon!

I like them

Thank you. there is updating :D

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